Tuesday, May 1, 2012

So Many Projects, So Little Time

"You Germ: E"  | ink on clayboard  |  6 x 6 inches  | © Darick Ritter. All Rights Reserved

"You Germ: D"  | ink on clayboard  |  6 x 6 inches  | © Darick Ritter. All Rights Reserved

My plan: 2 panels a week for the You Germ series...


At some point, there will be a dedicated blog to what this series is all about, where I'll explain it a lot more. The main reason why is I want to establish all of the rules visually before I put it into text. It should be soon, though.

I wish I could do more a week, but it can take up to 20 hours per work in this series. I probably could do more in a week, but only when I don't have any other projects in the frying pan... which I do.

So, let's look at what's upcoming in that skillet:

Don't hate my camera, because I already do.
Detail of new work that is in progress for "Linearity".


A group show curated by Kelly McKernan at MINT Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia from June 9th-31st.

I will be submitting two pieces.

Character studies for illustrating, "Letters".


I'm illustrating (in comic form) a fantastic short story written by a very talented friend of mine. When "Linearity" is done and I have more work finished, I'll share who he is and get a better teaser out to you.

Left: Untitled that was blogged on March 22.
Right: Untitled

"Unfinished Paintings"

I've got several in mid-stage and I'm waiting for the right mood to hit where I can finish them as quickly as possible, hopefully giving just a day for each piece...which, unfortunately, means I have to wait for the right time and mood (boy, do I hate admitting that that's important - my mood - but it simply is). This is mentioned last because it's what I'm going to do when the above projects are done. I estimate mid-summer finishes.

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